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Reference Services


The UEW Library's Reference Services are pivotal to fostering academic success, supporting research, and enhancing the learning experience the UEW community. These services complemented by a rich collection of resources and a dedicated library staff, underscore the University's commitment to providing a vibrant and conducive environment for education and research.

Dedicated professional Librarians provide Reference Services tailored to the diverse needs of the academic community. Here's an overview of the Reference and Information Services offered by the Library:

Personalised Assistance: Whether you have a specific research query or need help navigating the library's extensive resources, professional librarians are available to offer personalized assistance to students, faculty, and researchers.

Intralibrary Loan and Document Delivery: For resources not available within a campus Library's collection, the Library facilitates borrowing of materials from other libraries through the intralibrary loan service ensuring that UEW students and researchers have access to the widest possible array of information. To benefit from this service, users are required to fill in a request form at the Reader Services Desk.

Resource Discovery: Reference Librarians help users discover, locate, and access a wide range of materials, including books, journals, e-books, and digital resources efficiently, making research and study more accessible.

Digital Resources: The library provides access to an extensive collection of online databases, e-journals, and e-books. Professional Librarians are available to assist users in navigating and making the most of these digital resources, which are invaluable for research and academic projects.

Reference Materials: The UEW Library maintains a comprehensive collection of reference materials, including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and specialized reference works, making it easier for users to quickly access critical information.

Specialized Subject Support: Liaison Librarians with subject expertise offer specialized support to students and researchers in various academic disciplines. Whether you are studying the sciences, humanities, or social sciences, Liaison Librarians can provide tailored guidance.

Research Support: Librarians help users identify relevant primary and secondary sources, offer guidance on literature reviews, and assist in the research process to supporting research endeavours of students and researchers.

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