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Vision/ Mission/ Core Values



To be the first choice for information and research in the University.


To facilitate access to all forms of information by continuous improvement of resources (books, journals, electronic resources, and assistive technologies) and expertise to meet customers' needs, promote information literacy skills within the University, foster cooperation through local, national, international networking and to support teaching, learning, research, administration and other University activities.

Core Values

Professional Leadership: The University Library System seeks to provide leadership in library service to the University Community ensuring that the University has access to information needed for it to attain the highest academic standards of teaching, learning and research.

Partnership: An effective partnership with all stakeholders is a prerequisite to an effective and efficient service delivery. The University Library therefore works with faculty, students, and external bodies to provide a service that is easy to use independently on and off campus.

Quality Assurance: The University Library shares a commitment to quality in whatever is done.  The staff is empowered to reach their full potential.

Flexibility: The Library has a variety of welcoming and flexible learning environments designed to encourage academic exploration and scholarly pursuits.


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