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UEW Library System


The UEW Library System is the heart of academic and research activities at the University of Education, Winneba. It provides the needed resources, services, and expertise to enrich the educational experience and scholarly pursuits of both students and faculty, playing an integral role in advancing the university's intellectual and academic development. Its primary functions and roles include:

Information Access and Retrieval: Serves as a repository of knowledge, providing access to academic resources, such as books, journals, electronic resources, and assistive technologies.

Teaching and Learning Support: supports teaching and learning by offering resources (books, journals, electronic resources, and assistive technologies) and services that aid in the academic development of students.

Research Support: offers research support services such as access to online academic databases, assistance with literature searches, and guidance on citation and referencing.

Collection Development: builds and maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of academic resources.

Information Literacy: plays a role in promoting information literacy by teaching students and faculty how to effectively search for, evaluate, and use information resources in an ethical and legal manner.

Digital Resources: provides access to electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals, and academic databases to faculty, students and staff the university.

Collaboration: collaborates with other libraries, university departments, faculty, and researchers to support their specific needs and initiatives such as Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery (ILL/DD) Service, support accreditation of new and existing programmes, liaison librarian programme etc.

Continuous Improvement: continually assesses its services, resources, and facilities to ensure they remain aligned with the changing requirements of the university community.

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