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UEW Health Centre Welcomes First Baby

The University of Education, Winneba Health Directorate celebrated a momentous occasion on Friday, September 15th, 2023, as it welcomed its very first baby. This joyous event marks a significant milestone for the University of Education, Winneba Clinic, in its quest to expand and enhance its service delivery.



In an exclusive interview with Radio Windy Bay, the Director of Health Services Dr. John Kanyiri Yambah, who performed the procedure expressed his excitement. He described this milestone as a remarkable achievement, emphasizing the importance of offering comprehensive healthcare services.


Dr. John Kanyiri Yambah, Director of Health Services


Dr. Yambah explained, “We’ve expanded our services a bit, we are now providing 24-hour service and surgical care. But the missing piece in our range of services was pregnancy-related care. Covering this aspect completes the picture of health care. Pregnant women are dear to this country, and efforts to take care of them and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity are crucial. Any effort that lessens this burden is significant in Ghana.”


The First Baby to be delivered at UEW Health Centre


The arrival of the first baby at the University of Education, Winneba Clinic is not only significant for the institution but also for the Effutu municipality and the central region as a whole. The addition of pregnancy-related care services will not only benefit the local community but also alleviate the strain on other healthcare facilities. This move is expected to save costs and improve the university's image as a comprehensive healthcare provider.

Dr. Yambah shed light on the circumstances surrounding the historic delivery. "Every delivery is unique, but in this case, it was an elective delivery. We knew in advance that surgical intervention was necessary for the patient due to certain indications. This decision was made after careful assessment, and there were no challenges at all. We began preparations for this delivery about two to three weeks ago, ensuring that everything was optimized for a safe delivery."


A section of the highly skilled team who managed the procedure seamlessly


He added, “The elective surgery was performed because a vaginal delivery was deemed challenging, and the baby's positioning also indicated the need for surgical intervention. Despite some technical challenges, our highly skilled team managed the procedure seamlessly. The outcome was a healthy baby, a well-recovered mother, and a team of doctors in excellent condition. This is the ultimate success of our efforts.”

The University of Education, Winneba Clinic’s achievement in welcoming its first baby into the world is not only a historic moment for the institution but also a testament to the dedication and commitment of its healthcare professionals. With expanded services and a focus on maternal and child healthcare, the clinic is set to make a lasting impact on healthcare delivery in the region.

As the University of Education Health Directorate continues to grow and expand its healthcare services, it reinforces its commitment to improving the health and well-being of the community it serves.

Source: Windy News Room


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