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Income Generating Units in the Faculty

Leader in Teacher Education

1. Food Production Unit (FPU)

The unit embarks on free catering services which were limited to the University functions, also restaurant and contract catering services and expanded the coverage to the entire Winneba community. FPU is a major source of income generation for the university, and industrial training experience for students in the faculty. Other institutions in the country also send their students for industrial experience.

2. Clothing Production Unit (CPU))

It was set up as a small section where garments were made for patrons in the university and is now a garment factory which generates income for the university. CPU makes the following:

  • Aca pee for the university and other sister institutions in the country.
  • Embroidery work
  • All other costumes
  • Field experience for our students and other students from sister institutions
  • Etc

The two production units provide direct employment for eighty (80) youth in the Winneba community.

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