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Welcome to Our Faculty

Welcome to Our Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Health, Allied Sciences and Home Economics Education (FHASHEE) at University of Education, Winneba. Thank you for visiting our Faculty. FHASHEE is an excellent choice to attain your health, allied sciences and home economics education and prepare for a successful work and family life. Our faculty is located at the North Campus of the University, where the main university administration is located.

The FHASHEE provides exciting educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds and locations. We offer nine different programmes with many different courses of study, that prepare students for success in real world. In the Faculty are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with students and providing educational experiences equal to that of any good university. At FHASHEE students do not only get the latest materials in the classroom or laboratory but also have the opportunity for real-world application while still in school. For field practical experience, our students have the privilege to acquire large scale industrial production experiences from the Faculty’s two Production Units, where they have their industrial training. They also go on internship in the university’s partnership schools for practical experience as trainee teachers.

The Faculty also provides other opportunities for industrial experiences in learning. The Food and Nutrition and Clothing and Textiles students, have opportunity for industrial production training experiences, exhibition and fashion shows. Family Life Management and Integrated Home Economics Education students also have live-in home practical experiences to provide them with different family life models which they adapt to suit many cultures. Health administration is crucial to our very existence and HPERS helps us to exercise to live long as humans.

FHASHEE students have the opportunity to create their own businesses before graduation. This makes jobs readily available to our students and makes it unnecessary for them to join unemployed groups. Our Faculty is friendly, welcoming, available and very supportive of experiential learning.

If you are preparing for a good career in any area of Health, Allied Sciences and Home Economics Education at the undergraduate and post-graduate level, and wish for an excellent education you have found it here.


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