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About Us

Brief History

The Faculty started as a Department in 1958 at the Specialist Training College, Winneba with the transfer of the Housecraft Department of the Kumasi College of Technology. At its new location, a 4-year teacher’s Diploma course in Domestic Science was introduced in 1963 alongside the existing two-year Specialist Certificate. In 1978 the four-year course was phased out and replaced with a 3-year Diploma course.

The Department became part of the erstwhile University College of Education of Winneba in 1992 when the University was established. The 3-year Diploma course then ran alongside a 4-year degree programme which led to the degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Home Economics Education.

The then Department of Home Economics Education was charged with the responsibility of providing teachers with professional competence for teaching Home Economics Education in pre-tertiary institutions. The Faculty of Home Economics Education was created out of the Faculty of Science Education in September, 2020 with four Departments, namely;

  1. Department of Food and Nutrition Education
  2. Department of Clothing and Textiles Education
  3. Department of Family Life Management Education
  4. Department of Integrated Home Economics Education.

In September 2023, three departments from the Faculty of Science Education were further realigned with the Faculty of Home Economics to form the new Faculty of Health, Allied Sciences and Home Economics Education. They are:

  1. Department of Environmental Health and Sanitation
  2. Department of Health Administration and Education
  3. Department of Health Physical Education Recreation and Sports

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