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Our Objectives

Leader in Teacher Education

CeRCCA shall draw on the core strengths of a diversity of disciplines and experience of staff in UEW to:

  • develop academic programmes and refresher courses tailored at promoting creative arts business, professionalism and cultural entrepreneurship
  • develop and refine methodologies for the study of culture and creative arts among indigenous Ghanaian and African cultures.
  • develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning about Ghanaian/African culture and creative arts.
  • develop materials and resources for the implementation of Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts integrated subjects in Ghanian schools including the University Colleges of Education.
  • cultivate and develop the talents of students dedicated to the Creative Arts.
  • create archives for educational materials in the Creative Arts.
  • Bridge the gap between industry and academia
  • extend the workings of School of Creative Arts by establishing an environment for flourishing study and debate on African languages, arts, philosophies, social, political systems.
  • contribute to the discussion, analysis and resolution of critical developmental challenges facing African societies through research, teaching and extension work.
  • encourage and inspire community participation in the Arts and educational programmes.
  • source for funding for children’s creative activities.
  • promote and coordinate collaborative research and the development of creative arts among staff of the School of Creative Arts (SCA).
  • collaborate with ministries, agencies and non-governmental organizations in celebrating festivals of societal and (inter)national importance.
  • collaborate with similar centres on the continent and elsewhere, to deepen understanding of African culture in all its complexity.

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