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Diaspora Exchange Tour



We organise educational, inspiring and memorable tours to our visitors and students from the diaspora. The tour consists of visit to slavery sites in Ghana, cave arts sites, national parks of historic importance, indigenous arts and craft centres, amongst others. This offers visitors the opportunity to partake in learning about how to do the art indigenous Ghanaian arts and crafts and the histories surrounding them.

What makes our tours a must-experience-one is that, we supplement the visits to the sites with Workshops, Lectures, seminars and indigenous African therapeutic sessions. We give visitors a taste of what life in Ghana in precolonial, colonial, postcolonial and contemporary is like.

The lectures focus on transatlantic slave trade in Ghana, African beauty culture standards and practices, cultural dance and music, arts and craft production, anti-racism, African personality and identity issues, visual and performative symbolisms in Ghanaian culture, authentic Ghanaian theatre amongst others. The debate and intellectual exchanges inform participants to unlearn historical fallacies, relearn and connect to the realities of African culture and identity.

Our workshop programme gives visitors practical skills on kente weaving, adinkra printing, tie-dye design, ahenema sandals designing and production to enable them create their own artworks. Partake to reunite with Ghana and Africa in an impactful way.

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