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SCA Dean Unveils Vision for Innovation and Excellence in Creative Arts Education

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Published: Sat, 01/20/2024 - 14:22

Prof. Emmanuel Obed Acquah, the Dean of the School of Creative Arts (SCA) at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), has outlined his commitment to fostering innovation in knowledge development within the creative arts.

Speaking at a general meeting for faculty members and administrators at the SCA Conference Room, Prof. Acquah unveiled his vision for propelling the school to new heights through a strategic blend of research, teaching, and practical creative arts activities.

Acknowledging the accomplishments of his predecessors, Prof. Acquah expressed his determination to build upon their successes by upholding academic quality and promoting an environment conducive to creative exploration. His vision encompasses breaking into new creative academic paradigms, emphasising research, and practice-led teaching to produce not only knowledgeable but also professionally adept creative arts educators.

A cross-section of faculty members at the general assembly
A cross-section of faculty members at the general assembly

To realise this vision, Prof. Acquah outlined a multifaceted approach, encompassing rebranding, fostering high academic standards, advancing research and innovation, supporting a robust quality assurance system, establishing an efficient administrative structure, improving access, equity, and inclusion, and mobilising resources. These strategies, he believes, will position the SCA as a hub for excellence and set it apart on the global stage.

Among the transformative initiatives, Prof. Acquah envisions the introduction of short courses tailored for practitioners in various creative fields such as musicians, barbers, studio engineers, actors, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, and fashion designers. This move aims to elevate the SCA to new heights, enhancing its reputation and influence.

Addressing the importance of incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into teaching and learning, particularly in practical activities, Prof. Acquah stressed the need for departments to explore and implement these technologies to promote excellent academic standards.

Prof. Emmanuel Obed Acquah
Prof. Emmanuel Obed Acquah

"As a lecturer, I believe in scholarship; as a leader, I believe in professionalism; as a head, I believe in entrepreneurship, and as a Dean, I love and enjoy what I do," declared Prof. Acquah, encapsulating the passion and dedication driving his vision.

Emphasising that his vision aligns with the university's strategic plan, Prof. Acquah encouraged all SCA staff to familiarise themselves with the Act establishing the university and the statutes guiding its principles.

The Dean's ambitious vision not only sets a bold course for the SCA but also aligns with the broader goals of advancing education, creativity, and innovation at UEW.

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