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UEW's FABSE and SELLL Join Forces in Empowering Academic Counsellors

In a collaborative effort to enhance the quality of academic counselling at the University of Education Winneba (UEW), the Faculty of Applied Behavioural Sciences in Education (FABSE) and the School of Education and Life-Long Learning (SELLL), have organised a joint workshop on staff development for Academic Counsellors in their respective outfits.

The workshop, held on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at the Student Centre, North Campus, Winneba, aimed to educate and reorient both new and seasoned Academic Counsellors on the fundamentals and significance of academic counselling.

Leading the session were esteemed Resource Persons: Mrs. Christina Ammah, the Dean of FABSE, and Dr. Patricia Amos, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Counselling Psychology, UEW.

Mrs. Christina Ammah

Mrs. Christina Ammah initiated the workshop with an interactive presentation, encouraging participants to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in interpersonal relationships. She delved into how past experiences, cultural influences, and backgrounds shape individuals' perceptions and interactions, particularly with students seeking academic counselling. The presentation also shed light on the diverse types of students who seek counselling and the array of issues they bring to academic counsellors for support.

Dr. Patricia Amos

Dr. Patricia Amos, in her segment, elucidated key concepts such as guidance and counselling, emphasising their distinctions. She accentuated the critical consideration of each step in the counselling process. Engaging discussions emerged, covering various aspects of counselling, leading to proposals aimed at bolstering student support. Noteworthy proposals included the formulation of a Special Education Policy encompassing all forms of disability, amendments to the Sexual Harassment Policy to be more inclusive of staff, the appointment of hall counsellors, and the provision of special incentives, such as allowances, to motivate academic counsellors during sessions.

The workshop concluded with academic counsellors from the Departments of Counselling Psychology and Special Education engaging in a 'role play,' showcasing how academic counselling sessions are conducted for students. Dr. Amos concluded the session by stressing the importance of referring students to the Counselling Centre when necessary and offering support to students in resolving their challenges.

This collaborative initiative not only underscores UEW's commitment to academic excellence but also highlights the dedication to providing holistic support to students, nurturing an environment conducive to their overall development. The joint efforts of FABSE and SELLL are poised to have a lasting impact on the academic counselling landscape at UEW.

A cross-section of Academic Counsellors who graced the occasion

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