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Level 400 PDGC Sandwich Students Undertake Practicum II

The Department of Psychology and Education under the Faculty of Educational Studies has held its Practicum II for Level 400 Post-Diploma in Guidance and Counseling (PDGC) sandwich students for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The practicum, used to assess the sandwich students as part of their examination, was organised on Thursday, 17th January, 2019 at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre and the Winneba Senior High School. 

There were dramas and presentations by four groups on various topics such as Juvenile Recidivism: A Challenge to Nation Building (Group One); Hepatitis ‘B’ and you! The Way Forward (Group Two); The Youth and Sakawa: Barrier to Nation Building and Development (Group Three); and Sex Education: A Panacea to Transforming Senior High School Students (Group Four).   

Ag. HoD, Dr. Dandy G. Dampson

The intent of the practicum according to the Ag. Head of Department (HoD), Dr. Dandy G. Dampson was to create public awareness about the activities of sandwich counseling students and also offer first-hand information about the activities that they go through in the University.  

“The main purpose of this programme or presentation first is to examine our students in whatever they are doing as part of their examination. We examine their skills, competencies and knowledge in counselling. We also go through this presentation to expose our students and enlighten them and the public on the importance of counselling. Lastly, we go through this presentation to give an opportunity to our students to explore current social issues and try as much as possible to attempt to solve some of these issues.” He said.  

The Ag. HoD indicated that counselling has played a very important role in nation building in some developed countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia therefore, much attention needed to be given to it in our part of the world.   

Students fr​om the Winneba School of Business, one of the targeted schools for the PracticumWinneba Senior High School StudentsUniversity Practice Junior High School students were also present

“In these countries, counselling is the backbone and the household name of every successful organisation. Studies indicate that workplaces or institutions where counselling is underutilised experience high rate of conflict which is characterised by low productivity.

“If counselling is very important, then why is it always being pushed down or being rejected or being neglected in our part of this country? It is important that we as an organisation urge the government especially the Ghana Education Service to take a second look at the posting of counselors from the University of Education, Winneba as well as other universities.” He argued.   

From (L-R); Mr. Richard S. Ziggah, Mr. Eric Ofosu-Dwamena, Rev. Dr. Kwesi Nkum Wilson and Mrs. Patricia Amos.

Dr. Dampson commended the sandwich students for the educative dramas and interesting presentations. He charged them to not only exhibit it to target groups or institutions but also practice what they have acquired from the University among themselves and other colleagues.    

Among lecturers of the Department present to assess the students were Rev. Dr. Kwesi Nkum Wilson, Dr. Daniel K. Buku, Mr. Richard S. Ziggah and Mr. Eric Ofosu-Dwamena. Also present were the Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies, Prof. Samuel Hayford and a lecturer, Department of Psychology and Education, Mrs. Patricia Amos.

Below are excerpts from the dramas and presentations;

Members of Group Two being assessed after their presentation

Group One members presenting on Juvenile Recidivism​

The Youth and Sakawa was dramatised by Group Three

A Panacea to Transforming Senior High School Students presented by Group Four

The audience enjoying the dramas





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