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The Employee Relations Officer interacts with Staff of UEW

A workshop was organised by the Division of Human Resource for all Junior and Senior Staff of the Registry and Library from 15th May, 2017 to 18th May, 2017, dubbed “A time with the Employee Relations Officer”

The workshop discussed staff concerns ranging from job placements, promotion, health, entitlements to retirement.

The Employee Relations Officer, Mrs. Irene Ofosu-Behome underscored the relevance of the workshop in helping staff understand human resource issues in the University. She led discussions on the importance for staff to update their records at the Division. She stated that personal records regarding marriage, children, next of kin could be updated in the course of time, with the exception of the employee’s Date of Birth. She indicated that spousal and family records as stipulated in the conditions of service makes provision for one spouse, six children and two wards to be recognised.  

Highlighting issues related to health, she said that with the introduction of the capitation of NHIS it is compulsory for all University Staff to name UEW clinic as the User Facility. She indicated that on retirement the University gives free medical treatment to only the retiree and the registered spouse till both pass on. On the event of the death of an employee, nine-month salary is paid as ex-gratia to the registered spouse and children, she said.

On Promotions, she said that permanent staff shall be eligible for promotion after a minimum of four (4) years satisfactory service in a grade. She indicated that acquiring a new certificate or passing of a qualifying test or examination for a higher grade shall not necessarily entitled any employee for promotion. This item is stipulated in the Conditions of Service of Unionized Staff of Public Universities Ghana.

Touching on types of leaves, she said that all staff of the university are entitled to Annual Leave which should be taken during the year or should be considered forfeited unless a tangible reason is made for deferment by the Head of Department (HOD). Shedding light on Study Leave, the following Procedures/ Guidelines were highlighted, relevance of the programme to be pursued, departmental budget, how much the university is prepared to spend on study leave each year, number of staff currently on study leave, and number of Staff from a particular department/unit/currently on study leave with pay.  

Expatiating on other leaves, she spoke on Leave of Absence “which is applicable to employees who have served for a minimum of five years is granted six months leave of absence. This could be extended in exceptional cases up to 12 months beyond which the employee must resign his/her appointment.” Staff may also enjoy sick leave per appropriate advice from the University Medical Officer or a recognised Medical Officer and the Director of Health Services approval.

On the event of the death/funeral of an employee, she said that the bereaved family must officially inform the university with a bottle of Schnapps. The University provides the following towards funeral Coffin or shroud or cash equivalent, Ambulance service, Mortuary bill not exceeding two months, 2 bottles of Schnapps/2 crates of minerals/2 crates of beer, Transport to convey  spouse and children if any to the place of burial and staff to and from the funeral.

She touched on the communication channels that must be followed in the university. She noted that all discussions should first be channeled to the Unit head, then to the HOD, then to the Dean/ Director, the Registrar and the Vice-Chancellor.

She emphasized that no employee unless specifically assigned shall communicate either directly or indirectly to the press or any authorized persons any information gained in the course of his/her official duty.

She ended by noting that any staff who absents himself or herself from work without permission for more than 10 consecutive working days may be regarded as having vacated his/her post. She urged staff to seek information that concerns their wellbeing from the Employee Relations Office.

The workshop was co-ordinated by a staff of the Division of Human Resource at the Staff Training and Development Unit, Mr. Isaac Darkoh.

Source: Media Relations




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