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A general meeting was held for all students reading History Education by the Department of History Education at the Faculty block on 24 November, 2016.

The meeting brought together more than sixty students from various levels in the Department. The platform was used to discuss the upcoming examinations and Ghana National History Day (GNHD). It was also a favorable opportunity for history students to actively interact with staffs and lecturers of the Department about their concerns and grievances.

Welcoming the students to the gathering, the Head of Department, Dr. Jim Weiler, advised the Students to study hard for their examinations, not to enter exams halls with cell phones, not to adopt “chew and pour” strategy, and not to give anybody reason to be suspicious of them during exams. He also spoke about GNHD celebration and encouraged students to take part and bring out good projects. Speaking at the gathering, the Departmental Exams Officer, Mrs. Anitha Adu Boahen, told the student to be guided by the rules of examinations, which included not cheating during examination.

She added that students must turn up fifteen minutes before time and also sit according to their index numbers. Mr. Eric Nketiah, a Lecturer in History Education, inspired students to do their best in the exams, and reminded the level 100 and 200 Students that he is their academic councilor.

Miss Justina Akansor, the Project Coordinator, also spoke about the GNHD and encouraged students to pick a topic that is related to this year’s theme “Taking a Stand in History”. Miss Gertrude Nkrumah, a Lecturer at the Department, advised students to pick topics that are historically accurate. The History Education President, Joshua Gbati, informed students about debates that would be organized before the GNHD- one among senior high schools and another among tertiary institutions.

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