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Hundreds of students at the College of Technology Education, Kumasi (COLTEK) on February 23, 2018 thronged the campus ceremonial grounds to pay tribute to the Late Prof. Reynolds Okai, Principal of the College who recently passed away. The convocation, which lasted for about 20 minutes, saw the students observing a minute’s silence to honour the late Principal in addition to offering prayers of peace and rest for the soul of the departed and strength for his family. The gathering had been at the instance of the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Joseph Mbawuni and the Leadership of the COLTEK Students’ Representative Council (SRC), who sought to officially inform the entire students of the sudden demise of the Principal on February 18, 2018 in far away China. As though pre-arranged, all the students appeared at the ceremonial grounds dressed in black and red (customary mourning colours), a few of them shedding tears and others in the majority appearing to be very sad about the development. Dr Mbawuni narrated circumstances that led to the death of the Late Professor and said the body was yet to be brought back from China. He also assured the students that management would keep them apprised of any development, particularly, about the one-week observance, the burial and final funeral rites anytime a decision was taken in that regard. In a related development, the College Cadet Corps held a special display on campus and went on a procession in the environs of COLTEK also in honour of the Late Principal. The Cadet session which also happened on the evening of February 23, 2018, saw the corps wearing black tops over army green trousers with red bands around heads and hands and a leader wielding a flag of UEW. The Late Principal, Prof. (Ing.) Okai travelIed to China on January 13, 2018 on official duty. He was taken ill four days later in that country and had been responding favourably to treatment until February 18, 2018 when he suddenly died. Meanwhile, the COLTEK campus has been awashed with banners and posters paying tribute to the late Principal in addition to red and black pieces of cloths displayed all over the place to demonstrate the mourning state of the campus.

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