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Strategic Priorities


  • Promote a culture of research and policy development in UEW through seminars and postgraduate research work.
  • Oversee the research and development activities of research Centres of the University.
  • Promote Post-graduate education, especially, doctoral research studies and workshops.
  • Undertake contact research/training on issues of critical importance for the improvement of the educational system.
  • Support the research, teaching, and fundraising activities of the various units.
  • Create strong networks and partnerships with MoE, GES, inter-governmental institutions, MMDAs, Colleges of Education, IEPA, Universities, NGOs, development partners in order to implement and or finance training, advocacy and research programmes.
  • Provide MoE with evidence-based data through policy briefs, reports and meetings/seminars to aid decision-making. Collaborate with EFPO to raise funds for research in the institute.
  • Support centres of the institute to carry out research, training, advocacy, fundraising and policy development
  • Help the centres in the institute to develop their strategic priorities and mobilize their resources in order to ensure their greater autonomy.
  • Undertake regular assessment and evaluation of the institute‚Äôs capacity and performance
  • Organise national and international meetings/ seminars/conferences to share the findings ad experiences of the institute.
  • Create an environment of collaboration among the centres within IERIS and the rest of the university.
  • Attract and motivate seasoned researchers from other countries to participate in joint research activities.
  • Provide a platform for multidisciplinary studies and innovation research and development

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