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UEW Clarifies Media Reports on Alleged Nigeria Ban

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For Immediate Release

5th January, 2024.

The Management of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), is deeply concerned about recent media reports suggesting a ban on the university's operations in Nigeria. We wish to unequivocally clarify and set the record straight on this matter.

  1. Contrary to the circulating reports, the University of Education, Winneba has not collaborated with any educational institution in Nigeria over the last decade.
  2. It is crucial to emphasise that UEW does not maintain any satellite campuses, physical establishments, or remote operations within Nigeria. Additionally, we have no affiliations with any educational institution or entity in Nigeria for purposes of awarding degrees. Our commitment has always been and remains focused on delivering quality education at our esteemed campuses in Ghana.
  3. The University of Education, Winneba, maintains a transparent and direct admission process for foreign applicants aspiring to study with us. We do not engage or collaborate with agents, representatives, or intermediaries in Nigeria or elsewhere. Any individual or entity claiming to represent UEW in such a capacity is engaging in fraudulent activities and does not have the university's endorsement or authorisation.

The Management of UEW urges the media, stakeholders, and the general public to verify information from credible sources before dissemination to avoid misconceptions and misinformation. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and excellence in all our operations.

Thank you.

Ag. Registrar


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