Supplementary Examination for Level 100-300 Students



We wish to bring to the attention of Lecturers and all level 100-300 students that the 2019/2020 second semester supplementary examinations have been scheduled from Monday 31st August, 2020 to Friday 4th September, 2020.  All students who, for justifiable reasons, could not write the 2019/2020 end-of-second semester examinations are to hold themselves in readiness to write the said examinations.

We wish to indicate that the following rules shall apply for the conduct of the examinations: 

  1. All supplementary examinations on general courses, for all the levels noted above, shall be conducted on the LMS Moodle platform.
  2. All supplementary examinations on Faculty and Departmental courses, for all the levels, noted above shall be in the form of take-home papers.
  3. All take-home paper submissions on the supplementary examination shall be done through the LMS Moodle platform.
  4.  Deans, HoDs, Examination officers and Coordinators are to liaise with the IT Directorate and the Students Records Office (SRO) to facilitate the conduct of the Supplementary Examinations
  5. The deadline for Lecturers to submit results for the supplementary examinations is 10th September, 2020.

The timetable for the Supplementary Examination is attached and can also be accessed from the University website as well as from Faculty and Departmental platforms.  Again, we encourage all Lecturers whose students are due to take supplementary examinations in their courses to, urgently, bring the mode of the examination (take-home or LMS Moodle) to the attention of such affected students.


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