Shortlisted Applicants for the Mature Online Entrance Examinations

We publish herewith the shortlisted applicants for the 2020 Mature Online Entrance Examinations for Mature Regular / Sandwich Applicants scheduled for Friday, 17th, and Saturday, 18th July, 2020.



  1. Applicants are encouraged to take note of their Applicant ID as displayed in the List.
  2. The following reasons may account for non-inclusion of applicants:
  • Prospective Applicants have not yet duly submitted the online application forms or are yet to buy the forms.
  • Prospective Applicants purchased Direct/ Post-Diploma or Post Graduate Form instead of Mature application forms.
  • Prospective Applicants do not meet the requirement in terms of age [applicants must be 25 years by 1st September. However, those who genuinely meet the required age and other qualifications but have not been listed would be catered for in the second phase of the Examinations]
  1.  Distance Education Applicants are NOT INCLUDED in this arrangement.


Click the link below to access the list.

Shortlisted Mature Applicants for Online Entrance Examinations


Division of Academic Affairs