Agyei ! Aaaah ! Now the antelope has fled And it was a big one too! All because of this tree root.  (Looks up at the tree) Well, the tree has as much freedom to stretch its roots anywhere as l have the freedom to hunt in the forest. I don't have to blame it. (Looks up at the tree again) No, l cannot blame you. But my! What a lovely tree? And oh, another one!   How I wish they were women. A Bachelor like me would be happy to have a wife. Oh, no! What am I saying? A tree become a woman? That can only be a phantasy.  (Slaps himself) stop phantasising  Ananse.

But it isn't mere phantasy; the trees turned into ladies for Ananse. However, our  greed knows no bounds and we over exploited the trees (Ladies) the same way we are over-exploiting and abusing our natural resources and disinheriting our children. Who is to blame for this situation? Political leaders? Business magnates? Poverty? The Pretty Trees of Gakwana explores all these.

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