Medical Examinations for Fresh Students (2022 Regular)

Fresh students on the regular programmes are being informed that the medical examinations for the 2022 regular year are scheduled from 12th January, 2022 at 8.00am to 4.00pm each day at the University Clinic.

The medical examination processes are as follows:

  • Registration (complete Corona Risk Assessment and Medical Screening Forms on Laboratory Investigations (taking of samples end at 11.30)
  • Ear Screening
  • Vital Signs Check
  • Taking of Chest X-ray radiograph (at a fee of GHS 50.00)
  • Eye Screening
  • Physical examination
  • Issuance of medical clearance chit
  • The University Website

It has to be noted that the medical examinations exercise is mandatory for all fresh students to be accepted as junior members of the University. For the 2022 regular medical examinations, fresh students would be issued with students identification cards only upon the completion of medical examinations and having been declared medically fit to pursue the programme of study.