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Call for Products 2023 | Ghana National History Day (GNHD)

 Call for Products 2023 | Ghana National History Day (GNHD)

Overview of GNHD

Each year the Department of History Education, University of Education, Winneba, commemorates the Independence Celebration of Ghana by hosting the Ghana National History Day (GNHD) celebration. The GNHD was created to encourage students, teachers and other history enthusiast to participate in making history.

Therefore, GNHD is an opportunity for all to learn about and do history by exploring, examining and sharing one’s history. Unfortunately, much of the history of Ghana has not been written. Fortunately, this is an opportunity for everyone to engage in writing the histories of communities, individuals, groups and events and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Participants must select a topic of interest that is related to the theme. Findings from the research can be presented in exhibits, original papers, performances, historical documentary and historical website. These products are entered into competitions where they are evaluated by professional historians and educators and consequently presented and awarded on the history day occasion that climaxes the programmes.

GNHD 2023 Theme: Memorializing the Past, Reconciling a Nation

The theme for the 2023 Ghana National History Day Contest and Celebration is Memorializing the Past, Reconciling a Nation. This theme requires participants to choose a topic to investigate a historical event/issue/person/context that reflects the theme. Are there any monuments, museums, commemorative events, memorial plaques, national parks, and city squares in your community or town that recounts the nation’s past? Who/what deserves inclusion in the visible memorialization of a nation’s past? The 2023 GNHD is a great opportunity to share that story.

Entry Categories

  • Senior High School (SHS)- for senior high school students
  • Tertiary – for college and undergraduate university students
  • General Public – for anyone who does not fit in either of the above categories.

Product Categories

  • Paper
  • Exhibit
  • Historical Performance
  • Historical Documentary
  • Historical Webpage

Registration Forms/ Theme Guide

  • Please download the form and guidelines attached below
    Or visit:
  • Department of History Education, Winneba
  • Historical Clubs/ Associations Patrons in all participating Universities and SHS’s


  • Registration: 29th July, 2022- 31st `January, 2023
  • Submission of Projects: 1st February 2023 (Papers)/ 15th February 2023 (Exhibits, Drama, Documentary, Webpage)
  • Judging of Projects: 22nd February, 2023
  • Ghana National History Day Celebration: 2nd March, 2023


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