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Academy Awards 2022 | Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences

 Academy Awards 2022 | Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences invites candidates for the Academy Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, 2022.

  1. Gold Award

The Gold Award is given for the most distinguished contribution to knowledge by a Ghanaian in a specified field. For the 2022 award, the selected field is in the “SCIENCES”. Contributions may consist of one’s life-time achievements and therefore it is incumbent on applicants to present a minimum of best five (5) major peer reviewed publications or such other items which are adjudged to have contributed to the advancement of knowledge either of either of national or international significance. In the case of team work, the candidate should state the nature and extent of his or her contribution. Applicants are also required to submit their updated curriculum vitae. Supervised works are not eligible.

Candidates will be judged on (a) awareness of relevant literature, (b) innovation in methods and approach, (c) presentation, (d) possibility of application (where applicable) and (e) originally. Works submitted should have been published within the past 10 years [i.e., 2011 to 2021].

  1. Silver Award

Works offered may include theses or dissertations presented by a Ghanaian for any of the higher degrees, [for example, Master’s, (MA, M. Sc. or M.Phil.) or PhD], accepted by a recognised Ghanaian University between 2016 and 2021.

Theses submitted for Silver Awards should have evidence of having earned at least a B+ grade.

  1. Bronze Award

This is open to all undergraduate students in tertiary institutions in Ghana. Candidates should write on the topic:

“Effect of Climate change for the survival of Humanity and Biodiversity”. Candidates will be judged on (a) evidence of originality and (b) clarity of thought. The undergraduate essay should not be more than 5,000 words.

An electric copy in Portable Document Format (PDF) on a pendrive and two (2) typewritten or printed copies of the work as well as contact addresses (e-mail, fax, telephone, postal) should be submitted to the:

The Honorary Secretary
Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
P. O. Box M32, Accra

Closing Date: 31st December, 2022


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