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Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Leader in Teacher Education

Mission and Vision


"The mission of the Department of Political Science Education, aligns seamlessly with the university's overarching commitment. Our mission is to cultivate and empower passionate educators and researchers in the field of Political Science, preparing them to excel at all levels of education. We are dedicated to conducting impactful research, disseminating knowledge, and actively contributing to educational policy and development. Through innovative teaching methods, rigorous academic inquiry, and community engagement, we strive to produce graduates who are not only competent in their subject matter but also ethical leaders and advocates for positive societal change. By intertwining the principles of teacher education with the complexities of political science, our mission is to produce graduates who will play pivotal roles in shaping informed, democratic, and socially responsible societies."


"To be a globally recognized department of excellence in Political Science Education, contributing to the development of astute educators and researchers equipped with a deep understanding of political dynamics. Our vision is to foster critical thinking, ethical leadership, and societal engagement, positioning the Department of Political Science Education as a trailblazer in advancing democratic values and shaping the future leaders of local and global communities."


  • To attract and retain qualified and competent full-time lecturers.
  • To promote inclusion and gender sensitivity in the work of the Department.
  • To enhance the BA Political Science Education programme.
  • To strengthen MEd and MPhil in Political Science programmes in the Department.
  • To start the PhD programme in the Political Science in the Department.
  • To promote research excellence and public engagement in our activities.


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