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Leader in Teacher Education

  1. Research, Grant Sourcing, and Proposal Development Unit
    This Unit is responsible for research, grant sourcing, development, and submission of proposals to meet funder’s requirement and standards.
  2. Capacity Building and Development Unit
    This Unit provides support to faculty, students, and staff of UEW in the area of research and innovation through regular refresher workshops, seminars, conferences, and interactive sessions.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
    The Unit ensures that project implementers undertake their projects according to the agreed timelines and tenets of their respective contracts.
  4. Fund Management Unit
    The Unit facilitates the management of all research funds of the University which are under the control of DRID
  5. Consultancy Unit
    The Unit provides an official channel for all consultancy services provided by the staff of the University.
  6. Research Policy and Publication Unit
    The Unit manages the following areas: intellectual property, ethics, research policy, dissemination, and publication. In partnership with the Quality Assurance Directorate, Graduate School and Ethics Board of the University. The Unit ensures that all research is conducted in line with the research policy of the University and in accordance with best practice for research efficiency.

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