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Leader in Teacher Education

  • History: The Department of Ewe Education started as a Two Years Specialist Certificate in the erstwhile School of Ghana Languages, which was established in 1973 at Ajumako in the Central Region of Ghana. Between 1973 and 1976, two batches of students graduated from the Department with Specialist Certificate in Ewe. In 1977, the two-year Specialist Certificate in Ewe program was upgraded to a three-year Diploma in Ewe when the status of the School of Ghana Languages had been raised to a Diploma awarding institution. The new status of the institution resulted in the phasing out of the Specialist Certificate program completely in the Ewe Department. In October 1992, when the Department was moved to Winneba to become a unit within the new Department of Ghanaian Languages Education in the Faculty of Languages Education, a two-year Post Diploma program was introduced alongside the three-year Diploma program. This additional program created the opportunity for the Diploma in Ewe holders to be upgraded to a level equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree. These two programmes ran concurrently until 2003 when the University College of Education gained full university status and autonomy. The three-year Diploma in Ewe and the two-year Post Diploma in Ewe programs were scraped and replaced with a four-year Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) degree in Ghanaian languages. The 4yrs B.Ed in Ghanaian Languages degree also ran till 2009. However, in September 2004, the expansion of the Ghanaian Languages Education program led to the split of the Department of Ghanaian Languages Education into four separate academic departments including the Department of Ewe Education. Finally, in 2009, the Bachelor in Education degree in Ghanaian languages was changed to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ewe Education. Currently, the Ewe Department is situated at the College of Languages Education, Ajumako being among the four academic departments in the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education. In the year 2013, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Ewe with English was introduced. The pioneer students of this program graduated in November 2017.


  1. Mission and Vision:


Vision Statement

The Department will grow to become an excellent center for teaching and research that will produce competent teachers for Ewe and other areas of linguistics. It is also our vision to produce excellent researchers, as well as experts that will offer relevant advice to government and other stakeholders on teaching and learning policies.


Mission Statement

The Department will serve as an established place of study of the Ewe Language and culture by inculcating in its products the relevant cultural, literature, linguistics, and professional competencies for teaching and functioning with Ewe at the pre-tertiary, tertiary, and non-educational fields with the requisite expertise knowledge and skills for influencing language policy decisions and other activities.


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