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  1. Key Achievements:
  • Conferences Organized/attended

- Members of the Department participate in yearly Local and International Conferenes, Seminars, Workshops and other programmes.

- Members of the Department all do participate actively in the annual Mother Tongue Day Celebrations, Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Annual Cultural Week Celebrations

- Members of the Department do participate in the weekly seminars organized by the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages.

  • Outreaches

The Department embarked on an Enrolment Drive yearly, during which the department and its programmmes are sold to the general public; particularly the Ewe-speaking communities in the Volta and Oti Regions. This activity is carried out through the use of selected second-cycle institutions, churches, radio stations, and Community Centers as well as other public gatherings and festive events among others. The electronic social media spaces are also engaged always. The enrolment drive always yields quality results as it always increases student number at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as sestablishes and maitains a healthy Department - community and other institutions relations.

  • Projects Undertaken/Ongoing

The following are ongoing departmental projects:

- Documentation of traditional Ewe songs

- “Eʋekɔnuwo” - A book on selected topics on the culture of the Ewes

  • Promotions
  • Staffing

The Department has qualified PhD scholars, senior lecturers and lectures who carry out the teaching, research, community service among others in the Department and the world at large. The Department still dearly needs more qualified lecturers for her programmes.


  1. Notable Alumni:

Ewe Department Old Student Association (EDOSA)


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