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Collection of Academic Gowns for 2nd Session of the 28th Congregation Ceremony

Collection of Academic Gowns

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs (ODSA) has made available all categories of academic gowns for the Second Session of the 28th Congregation at the Lecturers’ Office Complex, North Campus.

Convocation members are invited to join the Vice-Chancellor’s procession for the congregation. However, due to seating capacity at the auditorium, except for the Deans and Directors, Convocation Members are required to join the procession according to the table below:


Dates to Attend the Ceremony

Faculty of Foreign Languages Education (FFLE)

Wednesday 12th June, 2024

Faculty of Ghanaian Language Education (FGLE)

School of Communication and Media Studies (SCMS)

School of Education and Life-Long Learning (SELL)

Thursday 13th June, 2024

School of Business (SB)

Faculty of Science Education (FSE)

Faculty of Health, Allied Sciences and Home Economics Education (FHASHEE)

 Friday 14th June, 2024

Faculty of Social Sciences Education (FSSE)

Saturday 15th June, 2024

School of Creative Arts (SCA)

Supervisors of Graduating Students of the School of Graduate Studies

Convocation members and graduands should therefore register at the Ground Floor of the Lecturers' Office Complex, adjacent to the Faculty of Educational Studies (FES), North Campus, for their gowns from Tuesday, 11th June to Saturday, 16th June 2024, between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM each day.

Kindly note that the academic gown must be returned immediately after the congregation ceremony. Any late return of the academic gowns will result in a fee being imposed. This fee has been implemented to ensure the prompt return of gowns, guaranteeing their availability for future use.

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