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Staff Research & Publications

Wasila, M. & Owusu, S. (2024). Pre-service teachers’ views about their communicative competence: An analysis of ESL students' group oral presentations at Tumu college of education, Ghana. European Journal of English Language Teaching, 9(3), 1-22.

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Yambah JK, Avoke FK, Opoku V, Annan R. (2024). Acquired spermatic cord hydrocoele of the cord in a Ghanaian Adult: a case report. Annales Africaines de Médecine, 17(1), e5527-e5530. DOI:

Yambah JK, Avoke FK, Bonzie M & Smith E. (2024). Giant lipoma of the vulva in a primary care setting: a case report. Annales Africaines de Médecine, 17(1), e5531-e5533. DOI:

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