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Academic Affairs Employees Receive Customer Service Training

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Published: Fri, 05/24/2024 - 10:02

The Division of Academic Affairs (DAA) at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), has taken a significant step towards improving customer service through a comprehensive capacity-building seminar for its staff.

The seminar, held on Friday, 17th May, 2024, at the North Campus Mini-Conference Room, focused on enhancing the quality of interactions between DAA employees and their clients, primarily the students.

Under the theme “Customer Service Relations in University Administration: The Role of Staff at the Division of Academic Affairs,” the day-long seminar provided participants with essential training, knowledge, and skills to better serve the university's students.

Mr. Raymond Bentum Boison
Mr. Raymond Bentum Boison

Opening the seminar, Mr. Raymond Bentum Boison, Head of the Student Records Office (SRO), DAA, emphasised the critical role of first impressions in customer service. He highlighted the importance of DAA employees delivering exceptional service to students, who are the primary customers of the university.

“We are in a service-oriented institution, but unfortunately, a lot of the time, people forget that it is services we are rendering, and therefore, you have some kinds of experiences that are not the best. The world is changing; the university system is changing and we must learn to adapt,” Mr. Boison stressed.

Mr. Steve van Kamassah, Deputy Registrar of the Division of Publications and Communication and a customer service expert, delivered an extensive presentation on the theme.

Mr. Steve van Kamassah
Mr. Steve van Kamassah

He stressed the importance of understanding customer needs, mastering customer service techniques, and cultivating lasting connections with customers. He provided a thorough overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), its objectives, and its operational mechanisms.

“Beyond the exchange of monies for goods and services, the customer should walk away pleased with the result of the transaction, not just content but happy. A happy customer will continue to be both a buying customer and a returning customer,” Mr. Kamassah asserted.

During the seminar, participants engaged in practical institutional assessment activities. They were divided into small groups to discuss various methods to make clients feel welcome. Each group then presented their strategies, fostering a collaborative and insightful environment for sharing best practices.

The training was well-received, with attendees expressing appreciation for the practical insights and strategies shared. This initiative underscores UEW's commitment to promoting a service-oriented culture within its administration, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for its students and stakeholders. By investing in customer service training, the Division of Academic Affairs aims to improve the quality of its services, ensuring that every student interaction is positive and contributes to the university's mission of excellence in education and administration.

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