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CODeL Centre Coordinators and Administrators Undergo Intensive Training at UEW

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Published: Fri, 06/14/2024 - 09:11

In a stride towards enhancing the quality of distance education, centre coordinators and administrators of the College for Distance and e-Learning (CODeL) at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), have participated in a comprehensive two-day training programme.

The event, held at the Gloriaka Hotel in Winneba from Tuesday, 4th to Wednesday, 5th June, 2024, was attended by nearly all centre coordinators and administrators from the 45 CODeL study centres across Ghana.

Prof. Victor Antwi
Prof. Victor Antwi

The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Victor Antwi, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UEW, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. Prof. Antwi emphasised the pivotal role that coordinators and administrators play as de facto Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of their respective study centres. He urged them to uphold the highest standards of professionalism to ensure they sustain the reputation and growth of both CODeL and UEW.

"Take control of the study centres and run them efficiently. The University Management is committed to supporting dedicated staff in achieving the goals of the college," Prof. Antwi reassured the participants.

Prof. Frimpong Kaakyire Duku
Prof. Frimpong Kaakyire Duku

Prof. Frimpong Kaakyire Duku, Principal of CODeL, welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of staying updated with the dynamic changes within the university community. He stressed the necessity of aligning academic and administrative duties with the evolving needs of students.

"Years ago, UEW's distance education programme was unrivalled, but today we face competition even on our own campus. We must ensure we remain attractive to prospective students by doing the right things," Prof. Duku remarked.

During the training, participants were engaged in a variety of sessions covering essential topics pertinent to their roles. These included university governance and records management, financial management, work ethics, customer service relations with distance education students, and admissions and marketing of UEW programmes.

Additionally, issues related to examinations, managing tutorials and support services, supported teaching in schools (STS), project work supervision, course module requisition, inventory and downloads, and training on the Online Student Information Systems (OSIS-2) were addressed.

The sessions were facilitated by a team including Mrs. Angela Nyarko-Tetteh, Mr. Francis Amorni, Ms. Vida Dare, Mr. Steve van Kamassah, Mr. Jonathan Doodo, Mr. Richard Yeboah, Mr. Joseph Bentsil, Dr. Beatrice Torto, Mrs. Juliana Ohene, Mr. Lawrence Quarshie, Dr. Matthew Kursah, Mr. Dela Tsatsu, Mr. Pancras Tenteh, Mr. Raymond Boison, Mr. Seth Tompoli, Mr. Ato Hinson, and Mr. Humphrey Pufaa.

Prof. Duku giving participants a glimpse of his vision for CODeL
Prof. Duku (standing) giving participants a glimpse of his vision for CODeL

Prof. Duku presented his vision for the college and called on all staff to support his strategic goals for the future of CODeL and UEW. This training is expected to significantly boost the competency and efficiency of the coordinators and administrators, thereby enhancing the overall quality of distance education provided by UEW.

The training session marks a major milestone in CODeL's ongoing efforts to provide top-tier distance education and adapt to the increasingly competitive educational landscape.

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