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HOD donates books and audio-visuals to Department of History Education

Senior lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Jim Weiler, has donated over two hundred books and audio-visuals that cover subjects such as history, economics, geography etc. to the Department of History Education. Dr. Jim, who is also Head of Department of Department of History Education and a visiting lecturer at the Department of Economics Education, also helped the Department to purchase books with his own credit card.

The Departmental Reading Room (DRR) was established in 2014 through the idea of Justina Akansor, the project coordinator, to assist teaching and learning in the Faculty. Thanks to Jim the DRR has been expanded to include novels to develop the habit of reading for more than just for academic purposes. The DRR has been stocked with over thousand books which include donations made by lecturers in and outside UEW, the Association of History Students and individuals who believe in the Department’s cause.

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