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FSE Administrators’ Human Resource Skills Enhanced

Administrators from the Faculty of Science Education (FSE), University of Education, Winneba (UEW), have participated in a one-day training workshop to hone their abilities for managing the faculty and the university effectively.

The event, hosted at the Faculty’s Seminar Room III on the South Campus of the University, was held under the theme "Enhancing Human Resource Skills of Administrators for Effective Faculty Administration".



The participants were given insight into the following topics: the role of the secretary at faculty/departmental meetings; ethics and integrity in the workplace; record keeping and filing; punctuality in the workplace; and customer service for effective faculty administration.

In his remarks, the Dean of FSE, Prof. Victor Antwi, beseeched administrators to uphold the moral standards of the workplace to effectively advance the faculty.   


Prof. Victor Antwi


Prof. Antwi implored his administrators to continue to treat customers of the faculty, particularly students, with the utmost respect. “So, let’s bring all hands on deck for the university to grow and for us all to enjoy. Let’s talk nicely to people. You should just make sure you behave appropriately towards every person and you’d win the hearts of most of them."   

The Faculty Officer, Ms. Eva Annan, on her part, emphasised the need to make prudent use of idle time. "Please let’s have the faculty at heart and let’s handle issues of the faculty with the greatest dedication. So, let’s handle the idle time very wisely and come up with innovative ideas to improve the faculty and ourselves."


Ms. Eva Annan


Speaking on the topics “ethics and integrity at the workplace, as well as record keeping and filing”, Senior Assistant Registrar at the Division of Academic Affairs, Mrs. Ekua Abedi-Boafo, prompted participants to rise to their role of supporting teaching and learning in the university.

"If you don’t assess yourself, know your responsibility, take your role, and know what you are supposed to do, you will be tempted to think that somebody is looking down on you. Be proud of what you do as administrators and discharge your responsibilities to the best of your abilities," she said.


Mrs. Ekua Abedi-Boafo


She urged the attendees to demonstrate uniqueness in discharging their duties to enable them to excel wherever they find themselves.

The Deputy Registrar of the Institute for Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development (ITECPD), UEW, Mr. Steve v. Kamassah, spoke on "customer service for effective faculty administration." His presentation focused on how to enhance the administrators’ work to make the faculty become a sought-after faculty by all stakeholders.


Mr. Steve v. Kamassah


He situated the contributions of the faculty to making the university effective in the 21st century. “We’d look at what actually is client relationship, and then we want to identify our customers, look at what customers want and how to communicate effectively with them.”

Mr. Kamassah besought FSE administrators to develop good people skills, show consideration for others, take good care of clients, treat everyone equally as well as be considerate to those with unique needs.


Mrs. Deborah Afful


The Deputy Registrar, Division of Human Resource, UEW, Mrs. Deborah Afful, took participants through “the role of the secretary at faculty/departmental meetings and punctuality at the workplace”. She advised attendees to invest their time in good writing skills and try to have a strong command of the English Language. “The secretary is a very knowledgeable person and one who has good organisational abilities.”

Addressing participants on the issue of punctuality, Mrs. Deborah Afful, admonished them to change their mindset, be responsible and be good workers worthy of emulation. “If we want to come to work at 8:00 am, we can make it as individuals. It is up to you.”  





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