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COLTEK-UTAG, Individuals Extend Support to Staff Rendering Essential Services on Campus

The College of Technology Education, Kumasi (COLTEK) branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) and several individual staff of COLTEK have made donations to the skeletal staff who remained on duty to render essential services in the College during the lockdown of Greater Kumasi and its contiguous districts because of COVID-19.

Key among the donations were a cash amount of GH₵ 5,000.00 presented to the staff of the College Clinic by COLTEK-UTAG and 50 packs of small-size bottled water to the Security Unit of the College.

Local Chairman of UTAG, Dr. Stephen Baffour Adjei handing over the cash donation

Handing over the GH₵ 5,000.00 to the Clinic, the Local Chairman of UTAG, Dr. Stephen Baffour Adjei commended the staff of the Clinic for their exceptional dedication to duty in rendering critical medical services to members of the College Community and the general public despite the high risk to the staff contracting the Coronavirus in the process.

Dr. Stephen Baffour Adjei handing over the bottled water to COLTEK Security

He explained that the donation was to appreciate and motivate the staff to continue working hard for the University in these challenging times.  To that end, Dr. Adjei called on other Associations and individuals to support staff on duty.

The Head of College Clinic, Dr. Ato Kwamena Sagoe, thanked UTAG and all others who had made donations to the Clinic for their kind gesture. He said the gesture was a great motivation, particularly, to the NABCO and National Service Personnel and persons on Voluntary Attachment at the Clinic who were risking their lives to work hard in spite of the lockdown and high risk to the disease.

Head of College Clinic, Dr. Ato Kwamena Sagoe

He was thankful to Management for providing adequate essentials to the Clinic to ameliorate the challenges that might have been encountered in such dire times.

The Head of the Security Unit, Mr. Gabriel Homanya, also expressed gratitude for receiving 50 packs of bottled water on behalf of the College Security Unit from UTAG. He said that the gesture would go a long way to encourage the staff to work harder.

Head of the Security Unit, Mr. Gabriel Homanya (1st right) expressing appreciation for the donation

Various other public-spirited individuals, who would rather remain anonymous, also gave out cash donations and various items including packs of bottled water and snacks to the Clinic, Security Staff, and labourers of the College.

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