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COLANG-UEW and UCN Delegation Engage in Productive Talks on Collaborative Initiatives

The College of Languages Education (COLANG) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), and the visiting delegation from the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) have had fruitful discussions to strengthen collaborative efforts in education.

Prof. Dominic Kwaku Danso Mensah, the Principal of the College, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing collaboration, recounting his previous attempt to visit UCN. He acknowledged the positive experiences of UEW students in Denmark and welcomed the delegation to explore further opportunities.

Prof. Dominic Kwaku Danso Mensah

He took a moment to shed light on the diverse faculties encapsulated within the College of Languages Education, emphasising the diversity within this academic realm was not merely an acknowledgement of the variety of languages studied but extended to the broader spectrum of cultural richness and linguistic complexity. He noted that languages are not just modes of communication but intricate vessels that carry the collective heritage, history, and cultural nuances of a people. Prof. Danso Mensah highlighted the unique challenges faced in Ghana, where multiple languages are spoken.

Prof. Issah Alhassan

Prof. Issah Alhassan provided insights into UEW's focus on language education, specifically training teachers for indigenous Ghanaian languages. He emphasised the importance of preserving minority languages to safeguard cultural heritage.

Anne Lassen Zakaria

The UCN delegation, led by Anne Lassen Zakaria, Coordinator of International Relations and Lecturer in English within the Department of Teacher Education, UCN, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and acknowledged existing connections between the institutions. The discussion revolved around the ongoing collaboration, with Anne shedding light on the reciprocal nature of the partnership. She mentioned the exchange programme, where students from both institutions participate, fostering a rich learning experience.

Ariana Mihalik Ward Jespersen

Ariana Mihalik Ward Jespersen, an Assistant Lecturer and Researcher focusing on English and Intercultural matters within the Department of Teacher Education, shared insights into her role in the Teachers Education Programme, emphasising her unique perspective as an American residing in Denmark.

Helle Krogsgaard

Helle Krogsgaard, Head of Saeby Friskole, an alternative school in Denmark, spoke about the school's innovative approach and expressed enthusiasm for the exchange of ideas.

Thomas Kjaergaard

Thomas Kjaergaard, PhD., an Associate Professor and Researcher specialising in English, ICT, and Online teaching and learning from the Department of Teacher Education, praised the behaviour and academic prowess of UEW students participating in the exchange programme. He highlighted the value of cultural diversity in education.

The collaborative spirit and shared commitment to education were evident at the meeting, promising continued fruitful interactions between UEW and UCN.

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