Village Savings and Educational Investments


A research publication of a study that investigates whether savings groups, often known as Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), affect educational investment and outcomes. These are groups that meet periodically (usually weekly), require members to contribute savings, allow members to take loans with interest, and 'share out' the accumulated savings and interest to members at the end of a cycle (usually annual). The study is based on a review of the research literature and evaluations, and primary fieldwork conducted in Ghana.

Publications from the project include

  1. Cameron S and Ananga E.D., (2015) Savings groups and educational investments. Policy Brief. Available at
  2. Saving Groups and Educational Investments Cameron S and Ananga E.D., (2015). The publication is available at:
  3. Cameron S and Ananga E.D., (2015) Saving Groups, Livelihoods and Education: Two Case Studies in Ghana. International Journal of Development Vol 27 (7) pg. 1027 -1041 Available at