University Library and Faculty of Science Education Hold Workshop on Ethical use of Information

The University Library has facilitated a workshop on Ethical use of Information for the faculty members of the Faculty of Science Education as a means of addressing the issue of plagiarism which has been haunting students, lecturers and other members of the University community. The workshop was organised by the Dean of the Faculty of Science Education, Professor Ruby Hanson following a proposal from the University Library. It was attended by 55 members of the Faculty and it was facilitated by the University Librarian, Mr. Viscount B. Buer.

Attendees were enlightened on plagiarism and how it can occur intentionally or unintentionally in academic work, ways to avoid plagiarism through appropriate note taking and time management techniques, consequences of using unfair means in assessment, quoting, paraphrasing and summarising other people’s work correctly and the difference between collaboration and collusion.

The participants were very active at the workshop through questioning and contributions that they made. They were of the view that similar workshops should be held for their colleagues in other faculties. The University Librarian assured participants of the readiness of the Library to facilitate such workshops for other faculties.