University Farm Staff Educated on Livestock Management

The Division of Human Resources (HR) organised a workshop for the staff of the University Farm to educate them on guidelines for taking care of farm animals. The workshop was organised under the theme “Basic Care and Treatment of Farm Animals” and was held at the University Farm on Wednesday the 6th of June 2018.

The programme began with a presentation by Mr. Peter Anning, a retired Veterinary Officer. He outlined the various diseases that affect farm animals like Poultry, Ruminants and Pigs. He named diseases like New Castle, Coccidiosis, Abscess, Gumboro, Fowl pox, African swine fever, as some of the common diseases that affect farm animals.

Mr. Anning educated participants on how to cure some of these diseases and explained that not all of them were curable, like the New Castle disease and the African swine fever. He however encouraged them to keep preventive methods by practicing good sanitation to avoid the diseases.

Presenting on production, Mr. Ebenezer Asante, the Farm Manager told the Staff that before one even began the nurturing of farm animals, one should know how to sell; therefore, need to have a target group. He said, before one even rears livestock like broilers and layers, one should determine the manageable number of livestock to avoid losses. He also advised them to know the nature of the livestock and the conditions under which they thrived to guide their actions.

Mr. Foster Asante, a Pharmacist at the University Clinic, made the final presentation on personal protective equipment for workers. He advised the staff on the importance of dressing appropriately for any farm activity. Educating them on various protective equipment, he informed them that the event would determine what equipment was needed for a particular activity. Some of these were coveralls, helmets, safety goggles, waterproof gloves, unlined rubber boots, respirators, among others. He drew their attention to likely hazards that could occur during work which if not well protected, could lead to serious problems.

The programme was emceed by Mr. Isaac Darko. Present at the workshop were; Staff from Human Resource Unit, Mr. Charles Denkyi, Mr. Isaac Yaw Manu and Madam Patricia Kaitoo; Staff from the Finance Section, Mr. Joseph Owiredu and Mr. Dela Tsatsu; Staff of the University Farm  and Media persons.