UEW Service Personnel Admonished to Strive for Productivity

Deputy Registrar at the Office of the Registrar, Dr. Hagar Bampo-Addo, has urged National Service Personnel (NSP) posted to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) for the 2021/2022 academic year to strive for significant results in the discharge of their duties.

Dr. Hagar Bampo-Addo made this statement while delivering a welcome address on behalf of the Registrar, Surv. Paul Osei-Barima, Esq., at an orientation organised by the Division of Human Resource (DHR) for all NSP posted to UEW.



This was on Tuesday, 21ST December, 2021, at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre, North Campus, Winneba.  


Dr. Hagar Bampo-Addo


Dr. Hagar Bampo-Addo underscored how privileged NSP are to be at UEW, adding that staff of the University work to achieve excellence. “We want to assure every one of you here that we have the enabling environment to support you to exhibit and sharpen the skills you acquired at school to fulfil your potentials.”

The Deputy Registrar of DHR, Mrs. Deborah Afful, addressing the NSP at the orientation encouraged them to lead a good life and have a positive attitude towards work.


Mrs. Deborah Afful


Mrs. Deborah Afful also acknowledged the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) astuteness personnel normally bring on board for speedy administration of office duties.  “Management of the University holds you in high esteem, because of the work that the National Service Personnel do for us. We may not be able to pay you deservedly but we sincerely appreciate your support, your time and the resources you make available”.   

Junior Assistant Registrar at DHR, Mr. Isaac Darkoh, speaking on “UEW Hierarchical Structure, Channels of Communication and Confidentiality,” beseeched personnel to appreciate the hierarchical structure and the channels through which they ought to communicate and comply.


Mr. Isaac Darkoh


Mr. Darkoh also impelled NSP to be confidential in administering their duties. “This University is such that we hold a lot of private information on individuals and the whole University.  It is not your duty, the fact that you receive letters to inform other persons about it. The information we give you, keep them confidential”. 

He cautioned personnel who have been assigned to assist lecturers as Teaching Assistants not to teach the students. “You are not lecturers, you are there to assist. Some Departments like biology, chemistry and home economics are practical in orientation. Therefore, you’re there to set the laboratory and make sure that the chemicals are put in the right places. If you teach and something happens, you do so at your own risk,” he said.

The orientation saw presentations from resource persons namely Mrs. Irene-Michelle Ofosu-Behome (Senior Assistant Registrar and Manageress of Simpa Hall) and Ms. Patricia Kaitoo (Employee Relations Officer at DHR), who took personnel through the role of NSP in UEW and settling in for work at UEW respectfully.

Personnel were allowed to ask questions and appropriate answers were given accordingly.