U.E.W Ranked among the greeniest Universities in the World

The University of Education, Winneba placed 452nd out 516 Universities in the 2016 UI GreenMetric World Rankings.

The ranking which is done annually aim at comparing universities effort towards sustainability and environmental friendliness in the discharge of their mandates. Out of the total number of 75 countries surveyed, UEW was the only university from Ghana.

Information used for the ranking were weighted in six broad categories namely;

  • Green Statistics (15%),
  • Energy and Climate Change (18%),
  • Waste Management (18%),
  • Water Usage (10%),
  • Transportation (18%), and
  • Education (18%.)

GreenMetric ranking was initiated in 2010 by the Universitas Indonesia (UI) to measure campus sustainability efforts. Ninety five (95) universities from thirty-five (35) countries took part in 2010.