As part of its annual academic programmes, the Management of the University of Education, Winneba has organized an Intensive Pre-academic Orientation (IPOP) for all fresh students of the University at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre, North Campus.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Professor Anthony Afful-Broni, welcomed the new students and congratulated them for making the best choice by coming to the number one Teacher Education University in Ghana and the West Africa (UEW) sub-region.

He reminded them of the huge investments and sacrifices they had made to get to the University, and said, “May your faith in higher education lead you to attain your dreams, but a lot depends on you.”

The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Professor Jonathan O. Ammah, talked about challenges and opportunities for fresh students and the School of Graduate Studies procedures, and coordinating of programmes.

Also, a former Vice-Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Dominic K. Mensah, welcomed the fresh students to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW). Presenting on Non-Academic Rules and Regulations, he stressed rules about lectures, noise making, drunkenness, smoking, collection of money, arms and ammunitions, drugs, use of private vehicles, damage to or modification of UEW property among others.

Touching on offences like theft, student fund embezzlement, rape, sexual molestation, fighting, assault, examination malpractices, drug use and peddling, he indicated that sanctions which are mostly applied to such offences or acts are dismissal, suspension, arrest and withholding of results for a period.

These are determined by the University authorities and compensation made to victim(s). He said “ignorance of the rules and regulations are not pardonable.” He concluded by advising them to read and study the students’ handbook.

A Senior Assistant Registrar at the Division of Academic Affairs, Mrs. Patricia Ananga, spoke extensively on Academic Policies, Rules and Regulations. She took the students through a number of issues which encapsulate:

  • The registration process
  • Progression from semester to semester
  • Withdrawal on poor academic performance
  • Trailing and repetition of courses
  • Class designation
  • Grading system
  • Deferment by fresh students
  • Examination rules and regulations.

She also concluded by cautioning the fresh students to observe the rules and follow them to avoid any penalties from the authorities of the University.

Also, a lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design, Dr. Ebenezer Acquah explained the University Logo to fresh students. The Director of UEW Wind Band, Mr. George Asabere also took the students through the University Anthem. The University Crest Designer, Mr. Yaw Gyapong, was introduced to the fresh students.

Mr. Viscount B. Buer, the University Librarian, enlightened students on the topic “Library in Tertiary Education.” He addressed the following issues;

  • Goals of the library
  • Resources – Books, print journals, etc.
  • Library use and Academic performance
  • Opening hours
  • Services available – photocopy, internet, etc.
  • Rules and regulations
  • Security and Penalties
  • General rules.

He concluded by encouraging the fresh students to use the library wisely.

Presenting on health matters, a Staff of the Health Directorate, Mr. Nai Doku said that Health Services involves two (2) things:

  • What others can do for you and
  • What you can do for yourself.

He said the University has the Directorate of Health Services: Clinic, Health and Sanitation. According to him, the University has two (2) medical doctors and other competent health workers at the clinic. It also has a Centre for Hearing and Speech Services.

He advised the fresh students to visit any of the three (3) main hospitals in Winneba, that is, Trauma and Specialist, Baptist and Municipal hospitals when the need arises. He also advised them to observe the following;

  • Washing of hands on regular basis
  • Being conscious of their personal safety
  • Drinking and eating habits
  • Exercises

He concluded by asking them to always keep a photocopy of their National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards on them. Again, he said they should always feel free to walk to the University Clinic anytime they feel unwell. He further advised them to have enough sleep.

The University Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Kwesi Nkum Wilson, elaborated on Religious and Social Life on campus. He indicated that the University does not support any one particular form of religion. He said only formal religious practices in Ghana are allowed in the University.

Again he said that occultism is “prohibited on UEW campus.” He noted that the office of the Chaplain offers full religious services to any student with personal problems from any religion.

He further talked about social relations (friends) and advised them to learn how to keep and sustain friendship. He again advised them to know how to manage their romantic relationships.

Rev. Dr. Wilson also advised the fresh students to join student unions and political groups; however, they should know and pursue their main aim for coming to the University.

Finally, he counseled them to show respect at all times because it pays to be respectful.

Araba Entsiwah Bondzewaa

(National Service Person)