Teaching practice contributing to effective teacher preparation at the University of Education, Winneba

Student Practicum

In a study on Pre-service teachers’ Perception of the Mentorship and Supervision Experience during Student Internship programme in Ghana by Dr. James Awuni Azure, Prof. Jophus Anamuah-Mensah and Prof. Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw,  student interns were reported to have observed that, teaching practice organise for them as part of their degree requirement helps them to develop pedagogical knowledge, confidence and classroom management skills for teaching in the classroom.

Two questionnaires and semi-structured items were used to collect data from the interns for triangulation. A paired t-test was used to test significant differences between student teachers’ perception of the support they received from their mentors and university supervisors.

The perceptions of science interns about their mentors’ and university supervisors’ support for their professional development during the internship were positive. Approximately 89% of the interns perceived that the practicum helped much towards their professional development and growth as future teachers. The interns’ perceived level of support offered by the mentors and university supervisors were equivalent, t(102) = .914; p = .213.

The major findings were that both mentors and university supervisors supported the interns in planning for instruction, provided conducive climate for them to work and gave them feedback on their progress.

The study group however were of the view that, a one-time visit by supervisors to their schools was not enough to enable them grade them appropriately. The university supervisor were asked to increase the number of visits to at least two during internship. The study further requested that, mentors be given subject specific training to make them more effective at their roles.