After a year of many happenings - some quite delighting and others, not so welcoming to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), the Principal at the Kumasi campus of the University, Prof. (Ing) Reynolds Okai has treated Senior Members to a night of life band music and dinner to round-off the year.

Even before Prof. (Ing) Okai would say his official welcome and set the ball rolling for the night, the signs had been clear that the Senior Members had looked forward to such a moment, judging from the enthusiastic and unrestrained manner they jumped at every tune the Black Afrik Music Band played.

They were in high spirit, interacted heartily, treated themselves to some good food, assorted drinks and danced the night away in elation, satisfying the ultimate wish of Prof. Okai to see his hardworking staff rest from their tiresomeness. He minced no words about it in the brief speech at the ball, virtually beseeching them to forget about all work related challenges and indulge themselves saying “you have gone through so much this year, you deserve some rest.

“Please interact with your colleagues and have some fun tonight, when we are back to office after a few days, you could go back to wracking the brains for the good of our great UEW”, he said.

He thanked them profusely for their dedication and hardwork throughout the year and urged them to return from the Christmas break well refreshed and poised to support in moving UEW to a deserved excellent level. He also asked them to forgive any wrong doing that they might have suffered from others in the course of the year stressing that the University could only progress when the people working in it moved on in unity and in peace.

Representatives of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA) and other Senior Members took turns to assure the Management of their unflinching support and dedication to duty for the ensuing year. They also expressed appreciation to the Principal for the honour done them.