Level 400 BBA Student Actualising Entrepreneurship Prowess

A level 400 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student majoring in Accounting at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Mr. Justice Phinehas Gyesi, is making great strides at entrepreneurship. 

Spurred on by an innate passion for entrepreneurship and guided by his academic area of studies, Justice Gyesi set up his business enterprise, Jephinko Ventures, and registered it at the Registrar General’s Department on Monday, 24th February, 2020. He currently runs most of his business activities online. 

As a Student into ‘agripreneurship’ and an entrepreneur who believes strongly that his colleague students and other members of the community must look good and business-like at all times, he uses his business, Jephinko Ventures, to sell authentic and fashionable costumes to students, lecturers, and external customers.   

Speaking in an interview with UEW Media Relations, Mr. Gyesi disclosed that his decision to become an entrepreneur was largely motivated by the subjects and programmes he studied in school. “The skills learnt in the classroom have improved my way of doing business and handling customers. I was also born and raised in a family of Farmers hence my interest in Agriculture too. I would recommend UEW to everyone who wants to get ahead in life and to receive the best training for his life.”  

Some of the numerous awards Mr. Gyesi has been nominated for in the year

Alluding to the challenge of combining entrepreneurship, agriculture, and writing with studies, Mr. Gyesi stressed that it had been hectic but with hard work and perseverance, he had sailed through thus far. “I have been nominated for numerous awards in 2021 including the Humanitarian Awards Global as Youth Agribusiness Initiative of the Year, and Ghana Youth Awards as Outstanding Youth of the Year in Agriculture for my involvement in agribusiness and insightful articles on the sector, as well as the Central Tertiary Awards as Influential Tertiary Student Entrepreneur of the Year. Many other nominations for awards are still pending. 

“One of my problems as an entrepreneur or ‘agripreneur’ and a writer is the lack of financial support. I use my maintenance allowances to do most of the things I do. I'm , therefore, opened to investors and anyone who wishes to support my dreams in any way possible. In the next ten years, I want to see myself being one of the top Entrepreneurs creating jobs for many people in the world, supporting the less privileged ones in the country and seeing Jephinko Ventures become a multibillion-dollar company with many subsidiaries around the World,” he remarked.  

Mr. Gyesi indicated that it is his vision to see every single person enjoying the basic necessities of life. He has, therefore, established Giveth Hand International, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), which seeks to give a helping hand to people in need of education, health, and food. 

“Giveth Hand International, even though we are still in the process of officially getting it registered, has so far been organising Free Extra Classes for Junior High School (JHS) leavers in the Gomoa Central District. We are looking forward to expanding this to other parts of the country. We also want to provide skills and apprenticeship to many people who might not be able to go to school, as well as provide many more community services to needy communities,” he revealed. 

The determined final year student of UEW, admonished his colleague students and the youth out there that, “everything is achievable in this world. With prayers, determination and dedication, they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them”. 

Mr. Gyesi is a regular Daily Graphic newspaper columnist and a writer. He has contributed to discourses on most of the country’s pressing issues and published most of his works in the Daily Graphic, Ghanaweb, Modern Ghana among many others. Some of the intriguing topics he has written extensively on are “Youth in agric policy: a gateway to curbing youth unemployment in Ghana; For how long should the rural dwellers suffer the poisonous bite of coronavirus; let’s run to the Ghanaian IMFs for financial help; Change the child and change the world; Register for the new voters’ identification card”.  

The ‘agripreneur’ during the airing of Ghana's Youth President Reality TV show on Joy Prime Television

He also participated in the maiden edition of Ghana’s Youth President Reality TV show. This show, where he represented his cabinet as the Food and Agriculture Minister and Youth Member of Parliament for Gomoa Central Constituency, was aired on Joy Prime.    

Mr. Justice Phinehas Gyesi was born and raised in Gomoa Afransi, the District Capital of Gomoa Central District Assembly. He started his basic education at Amazing Grace Preparatory School where he served as the Senior Boys School Prefect, the President of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and Cadet Commander. He then proceeded to Swedru Senior High School where he again served as Assistant Boys School Prefect. Mr. Gyesi is now pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Accounting option) at the School of Business in UEW.