Kwegyir Aggrey Hall Undertakes Proactive Steps in Ensuring Residents’ Safety

A Traditional all-Female Hall of Residence at South Campus of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), the Kwegyir Aggrey Hall on Saturday, 6th February, 2021, undertook a holistic clean-up exercise to keep the environment clean, safe and secure for its occupants.   

The all-inclusive clean-up exercise was the first of its kind for the 2021 academic year and the first-year students residing in the Hall. In the quest to protect all residents from bacteria, infections and the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, the Management of the Hall put together such all-important exercise. Management emphasised that the exercise would continue to take place every first Saturday of every month of the year. 

Residents of Kwegyir Aggrey Hall after the clean-up exercise

The general clean-up exercise saw energetic females willingly and excitedly tidying up the entire compound, scrubbing bathhouse, washroom, kitchen, bedroom and window with potent antibacterial detergents supplied by Management of the Hall.  

Strict adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols was observed by any resident who participated in the clean-up exercise. They cleaned with their nose mask and gloves on.   

In another development, the entire Hall of Kwegyir Aggrey (A and B) has been reroofed by Management of the University. Also, all kitchens in the Hall have been refurbished with classy kitchen tiles from the Hall’s imprest.   

 One of the refurbished kitchens 

In an interview with the Hall Manageress, Ms. Theresa Ewusie Jabialu, she stated that her outfit organised the cleaning exercise for good sanitation and enhanced proper health issues in the Hall particularly with regards to the COVID-19 situation. 

“Especially, with this COVID-19 situation, we need to make sure everything is neat, our health is also paramount and then a conducive atmosphere for our people to live in not only students but both staff and visitors who come around need a good environment,” she said. 

Hall Manageress, Ms. Theresa Ewusie Jabialu

Ms. Theresa Jabialu expressed contentment in the freshwomen’s full participation to make the cleaning exercise successful. “I am very impressed with their first time commitment and being first years they were able to come together and work in harmony; but then going forward, we shall make it more exciting, more fun and more sensitising, so that everybody will feel part and parcel of the family and then we will move on with our cleanliness in the Hall.” 

The Hall Manageress urged her tenants not to litter around to keep the environment clean and safe for people all the time. She disclosed that her doors are widely opened to any occupant with good suggestions and innovations that would improve the Hall. 

 An aeriel view of the Hall

Other supporting staff who contributed to the solid organisation and success of the intensive clean-up exercise were Junior Assistant Registrar, Mr. Kingsley Baisi Sam; Principal Administrative Assistant, Ms. Patience Ayisi; Hall Chaplain, Ms. Vivian Heavenian Dzrekey; Cadet Officer, Ms. Eyram Amusu; Hall Assistants, Conservancy and Sanitary Labourers. 

Staff of the Hall who participated in the exercise