Freshers ‘Barbecue’ with School of Business

The University of Education’s School of Business held an orientation for the 2017/2018 academic year freshmen at the South Campus auditorium. This was to encourage students to acquaint themselves with the task ahead.

Mr. Viscount B. Buer of the University Library who spoke at the programme called for the need to train freshmen to enable them adopt and utilize the purpose of the library. This included how to search for books, download free online books, among others. He informed the new students about the Library orientation scheduled to take place from September 6 2017 to September 9 2017.

Dean for School of Business, Professor Christopher Adjei Okpoti emphasized on the need to visit the notice board regularly to avoid rumors and authenticate the source of information gathered. This he said, would ensure good dissemination of information and help students to avoid problems like missing an examination due to false rumors.

He also spoke extensively on study groups saying that “contributing as a member of a study group is key rather than always being on the receiving end which does not aid in keeping the group on its toes”.  He added that all members of the group should participate rather than being observers.

He advised them to form sizeable study groups that would encourage intensive interaction among members during discussions.

 Touching on the areas of punctuality and regularity, he cautioned students to attend lectures on time. For instance, if a lecture hall is occupied before a lesson starts, students should move close to the hall so that immediately that lesson ends, they move in and in order grasp what is taught from the onset till the end of the lecture session.

He said specialists will be assigned to all Departments to teach students how to academically grow and flourish in their various areas of study. He informed them that attachment forms were available for students interested in Internships. This will aid them in their studies and enlighten them on the requirements of the job market.

Counseling the freshmen, he emphasized the need to work hard not only to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree but also charter and acquire professional certificates in their respective subject areas.

Another key issue which was brought to bare during the programme was the awarding of marks to students during assessments and examinations. Dr. B. B Bingab, Head of Department for Banking and Finance urged the students to form study groups to enable them develop quick, easy and intellectual means of answering questions. This would help them score high grade points.

He further stated that the Faculty's Secretariat was open to brief freshmen on rules and regulations guiding the University’s examination practices.

Dr. Theophilus Richardson, Head of Department for Marketing, Procurement and Supply educated students on passing examinations in the University. He encouraged students to be courteous towards lecturers and fellow students and concluded by saying “set your priorities right, .help others but don’t let them get in your way.”

Assuring them about their rapport with their lecturers, he explained that lecturers are ready to help students to attain the highest academic objectives if only students are focused on achieving that purpose.

The programme was attended by members of the School of Business, some staff and students of UEW.

Source: Media Relations