Faculty of Vocational Education to Introduce PhD, M.Phil and MSc Programmes

The Faculty of Vocational Education (FVE) at the Kumasi Campus of the University of Education Winneba (UEW) will soon introduce new programmes that will guide and enhance the prospects of Graduates of the Master of Technology (M.Tech) programmes in upgrading themselves to either Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) or Master of Science (MSc.).

The FVE is currently in full swing preparations to introduce MPhil/MSc. in Fashion Design and Textiles and Food Science and Technology to keep pace with changing societal demands in order to maintain its relevance in national development. It has also committed itself to roll-out Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes in those areas within the next two years.

In this regard, staff of FVE consigned themselves to a five-day workshop at Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, to fine-tune the new post-graduate programmes for accreditation. The June 18-22, 2018 workshop did not only review the curriculum of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the Faculty but also began the process of converting the curriculum of all existing programmes from the traditional mode to the Competency-Based Training (CBT) mode of delivery.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop on Tuesday, 19th June, 2018, the Dean of FVE, Prof. Martin Amoah who chaired the programme, explained that the workshop was initiated by key stakeholders’ meetings. The results from these meetings provided the supporting information to modify existing programmes and introduce new ones to suit the demands of the job market.

He was confident that the courses mounted by Faculty continued to instill the needed competencies in students for effective teaching. He was of the view that knowledge acquisition alone might not be enough in this modern era but the ability to make students creative, innovative and critical thinkers was key.

“We no longer want to churn-out graduates who can only line-up at the doors of organisations in search of jobs but those who would go into creating their own jobs and employing others.” He said.

Dean of FVE (in suit), Prof. Martin Amoah 

Prof. Amoah was of the view that the Faculty could only maintain its position as a relevant forefront provider of vocational education in the country if it adequately achieved such a target.  He said, the FVE was committed to introducing new programmes, modifying existing ones and deleting all courses that have outlived their usefulness to society and for that matter, industry.

There were presentations by Mr. Isaac Abraham and Dr. Gilbert Owiah Sampson, Acting Heads of Department for Fashion Design and Textiles Education and Hospitality and Tourism Education respectively.

Also, in attendance were Faculty members and Administrators of FVE.

Faculty members and Administrators in a group photograph after the workshop