Dr. C. Y Akwaa-Mensah hands over

The Registrar, Dr. C. Y. Akwaa-Mensah has handed over Notes and Assets he kept in trust as the Registrar of the University of Education, Winneba on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

Handing over to the Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Afful-Broni, Dr. C. Y. Akwaa-Mensah said, copies of the handing over notes were made available to the Internal Audit Department.

Mr. Godwill Andoh-Mensah who represented the internal auditor confirmed that, they took delivery of the notes and have gone ahead to verify all fixed assets listed in the note from all campuses of the University and can attest that, the handing over note was apt and all assets listed therein (including Vehicles) were in order.

The Registrar

Statute 9 of the University of Education, Winneba statutes has the following on the position of the Registrar.

  • There shall be a Registrar of the University who shall be appointed by the University Council and shall act as adviser to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • In addition to the functions specified in the Act, the Registrar shall be responsible for providing secretarial services for all Boards and Committees of Council and the Academic Board and its Sub-committees. S/he shall be a non-voting member of the Academic Board.
  • The Registrar shall be responsible for the custody of the University Seal and for affixing it to documents in accordance with the directions of Council or Academic Board in the exercise of their respective powers under the Act and under these Statutes.


  • Where the post of Registrar becomes vacant, a Search Committee shall be constituted by Council as follows:
    • Chairman, appointed by Council, not necessarily from its membership
    • Two members of Council, appointed by Council
    • Two members of the Academic Board who shall be of Professorial Status
    •  Two External Assessors of the status of Registrar from any of the public universities, appointed by Council. The Search Committee, after making such enquiries as it deems fit, shall recommend two or three candidates to Council for appointment.