Department of Early Childhood Education Supports Effutu Municipality Schools

The Department of Early Childhood Education under the Faculty of Educational Studies (UEW) has supported some selected schools in Effutu Municipal Assembly (EMA) with Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs).

The donation which is done annually benefited schools such as Gyangyanadze M/A, Africa Christian Mission Schools, EMA Primary School, Adventist Preparatory School, A.M.E. Zion “D” and Alswel Academy, Winneba.

Ag. HoD, Dr. Samuel O. Frimpong (left), Mr. Banini (second from left), Mrs. Justina Adu (fourth from left) in a group picture with  Gyangyanadze M/A pupils

The Ag. Head of Department (HoD), Dr. Samuel Oppong Frimpong said “TLMs make learning real and facilitate retention”. He added that by donating those items, his outfit anticipates that the teaching at the kindergarten level would also be enhanced and be real.

“When a teacher uses TLMs in teaching, the pupils can feel and remember or retain whatever they have learnt. It is high time we move away from theoretical teaching where you only teach while the pupils do not see or feel.” The Ag. HoD said.  

Head Teachers and Pupils of Africa Christian Mission Schools receiving the items from the Department

The Pre-School Coordinator, EMA, Mrs. Martha I. Alhassan said the initiative was good because it would enhance teaching and learning at the pre-school level. “You cannot teach these pupils in the abstract. So, we have to let them see whatever we are telling them to do. As a result, giving them these learning materials will help them.” She noted.

Mrs. Martha Alhassan applauded the Department for the benevolence. She advised that there should be inscriptions on the items to enable the teachers use the materials effectively and efficiently. The Pre-School Coordinator urged teachers to make good use of the materials.

A Lecturer, Instructional Material Development (IMD), Department of Early Childhood Education, Mrs. Justina Adu pointed out that IMD  prepares students who pass through Early Childhood Education to be able to develop their own TLMs when they go out to teach.

Staff and Pupils of Adventist Preparatory School all smiles thanks to the TLMs donated to their School

“So, if a teacher does not have the skill to develop instructional materials, then that means the teacher is not going to teach with instructional materials and at this foundational level every teacher who teaches at the kindergarten needs the skill of developing his or her own instructional materials to suit his or her methods of teaching in the class.” She stated.  

A Lecturer and Patron, Early Childhood Students Association of Ghana, Winneba Chapter, Mr. Nutifafa Banini disclosed that children learn primarily by touching, feeling or using their five senses.

“If they do that, they have a very good recollection or they can quickly remember whatever they learnt. This helps them to develop intellectually; therefore, it is a timely intervention. One thing I have realised is that kindergarten teaching without TLMs makes teaching difficult because the pupils are inexperienced, so the TLMs expose them to things in the environment so they will see the things symbolically and they will bring it to reality.” Mr. Banini said.

The Head Teachers expressed heartfelt appreciations to UEW particularly the Department of Early Childhood Education and promised to use the materials for the intended purposes.

Beneficiary schools in the Municipality being presented with TLMs from the Department of Early Childhood Education