Beware of Campus Relationships’ - Prof. Ofosu-Kusi Cautions Freshmen


The Dean of the Faculty of Social Science Education, Prof. Yaw Ofosu-Kusi has advised level 100 students to be careful about campus relationships so they fall in love with responsible person(s) and not a deviant who will leave them broken hearted.

He noted that Universities were important places where some people met their lifetime partners. A good proportion of people met their spouses at the University. He however, admonished them to be careful and never take things for granted.

Prof. Ofosu-Kusi said this at the orientation ceremony of first year students for the 2017/2018 academic year at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre at North Campus on Tuesday 5th September, 2017.

Prof. Ofosu-Kusi emphasized that, the same idea of young ladies going to Form One with some seniors wanting to grasp one as soon as possible exists in the University as well; adding that, “don’t be too flattered when a third year student comes and tells you that you’re the queen of Winneba when you know very well that you’re not the queen.”

He stressed that students should be time conscious and manage time properly because time management is paramount in everyone’s day to day routines. He also advised them to be careful in selecting of friends; “friendship is very important especially at this place because your parents are not here. Some of the old friends you have had in your life especially secondary school and other places are not here.

“You’re meeting new people and ought to have one or two persons to depend on. Some may be trustworthy people you can put your faith in. Others may not be trustworthy, unreliable or liars and may even be thieves.Thus, when such people soil themselves they may soil you as well.”

Prof. Ofosu-Kusi also said that students should be prudent when spending and abolish the unnecessary competition on dressing amongst each other. He added that they should purchase devices such as smart phones that will enhance their study. 

He included that the University has put in place a scholarship package for the brilliant but financially constrained as well as individuals with special needs. He added that Vodafone also has a similar package for female students only.

Prof. Ofosu-Kusi warned students to be cautious of their security. He notified them that although the University has made provisions for the protection of students by mandating the security patrol team to guarantee the safety of every student especially at night, the students should also take responsibility for themselves for their safety.

He advised every student to refrain from keeping lots of money at the hostel, and recommended that they make use of the credit cards which are now available at a lot of banks.

By: Godlove K. B. Tetteh and Bridget Okai

(National Service Personnel)